Reclaiming Penang’s Old Hin Bus Depot with Art

For more photos from Ernest Zacharevic’s solo exhibition in Penang, Malaysia, explore the Hin Company Bus Depot location page.

A reclaimed bus depot in Penang, Malaysia, is home to the first solo show by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic (@ernestzacharevic). Adorning the Hin Company Bus Depot with dozens of murals and other site-specific installations, Zacharevic challenges the distinction between decay and art in an exhibit he’s named “Art is Rubbish/Rubbish is Art.”

The show, which opened on January 17 and runs through February 14, is free and open to the public. Learn more about Zacharevic’s work here.

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I make myself rich by making my wants few.
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The evidence of a true journey towards God is that you go beyond your fears. This is the ultimate liberation
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